Ok so from 8am this morning im running around, trying to organise things for Mum to keep busy. A nice lady from our local council came over this morning, after speaking with a tearful girl (me) over the phone last night, begging for some sort of support group or activity group to get mum out and about again. The lady gave us some brochures, but still im not satisfied with support groups for people with a communication problem/issues!!! Doesnt help that she isnt interested in things much since the cancer (depression mostly) and would rather sit around and sleep all day, then complain her life is shit because she does nothing! I have a test tonight at uni, my b/f is away (incarcerated) until end of Nov and i have very little friends. Sometimes, i swear i want to rip my head off and scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant be everwhere all the time. Do i have to do everything - if i dont who will?? This is shit!!!!!! How can i be strong after so long, when im losing it too...........Im thankful everyday, but the aftermath is just as bad for us at home 😞
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