Everyone is touched by cancer at some stage, whether it's a personal experience or a friend or loved one... I just think I hadn't quite realised the full extent. I have friends who've had breast cancer, bowel cancer and I had kidney cancer but one of my dearest friends has found his true love Ron after years of searching, only for him to be being taken away. Ron already had prostate cancer when they met, which was been managed pretty well. Now 18mths on things aren't looking good, not only because it's spreading, but because he also has pancreatic cancer with secondaries. I'm lost as to what I can do to help support my dear friend other than be here for him, especially as we don't know how long they have left together. Again I want to say my heart goes out to everyone touched by this awful disease that shows no mercy. Hugs to you all xx
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Hello YvieB, How sad to hear of more people being torn apart by this disease. I suppose what comes to mind is: "It is better to have known and lost, than to have never known". I don't know why, but this just seems appropriate for your friends. It is never easy when we are touched like this. Certainly unbelievable. Chin up you are a good friend, just be there for your friends is all you can do. Hugs back to you xx DaphneRose
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