Hi All of a sudden I am sooo angry with this 'cancer' and what it has done to my life.....and what it continues to do....I was so positive a few days ago and now I sit here with angry tears wondering why? I think I need to stop working as this too is making me angry and leaving me dissatisfied each day. Maybe it will be a mistake but right this second I don't want to go back. The people there make me angry and their issues about being fat, or bored or bitching about others etc makes me want to tell them to just get on with it and focus on the really important stuff. And I also feel a bit jealous that they don't have to be serious or anxious about things and can talk about what they are doing next year etc. I don't know what is wrong with me tonight - I am angry, scared, worried and quite miserable.......I just wish that I could go back twelve months (Feb 8th '09) to the night my daughter arrived at my door for a surprise visit from London (she had been there almost six years) and I said 'this is going to be the best year of my life' How wrong I was......... My love and best wishes to you all...... Willow xo
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