Just thought I would share how great it has been to have had a couple of ordinary days in a row. My wife thought so as well. It has been fantastic to get out and do normal things such as go to the shopping mall and wander around, go out for coffee or for lunch and just veg around the house when it got too hot. The only minor inconvenience was having to have blood take on Thursday, but still that didn't take too long. Am very slowly starting to get an idea of what I can do and can't do with my new energy levels, but I still tend to push myself a little more than I should (although I'm not sure that that's a bad thing as long as I don't over do it). Looking forward to getting a nice day sometime soon so that we can get the kayaks out on the water again, any day other than a Thursday and Friday would be good (chemo on Thurs and don't want to push myself too hard on Friday). All in all, these simple days which are so ordinary are just so wonderful. A minor inconvenience again on Monday (more blood) so we can still have a few more of them. Am hoping to finish the second coat on the house before chemo starts up again. Take care all Tim
Hi Tim Nice to hear that you & your wife could go out & just do "ordinary things". I find doing things like that make me smile...I take dad for a walk some days when I visit him in hosp, we unhook him from his neb, grab a wheel chair & off we go... I have found a nice little spot in the hosp grounds where we can sit together & just listen to the birds chirping & feel the sun on our skin...when I look at dad I can see he is enjoying it, just a break from being stuck in a hosp room...So enjoy the "ordinary" & I hope that there will be many more days like that for yourself & your wife. Warm Wishes Alison
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I like the anonymity of the ordinary very much. I still really enjoy going to the mall for a silent walk amongst humanity, without being noticed, without anyone asking me how I am and without any real plan at all. Just the walk. One foot after the other. It is still a great feeling. Four years ago I was in the stage you are in and the walk through the mall was the highlight of my week. Years later I can still feel that experience and can recognise it in your words now. It becomes a permanent thing. The mall becomes a symbol of everyday life. And that is good. You have that to look forward to! Enjoy. H
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Yep, you can't beat the ordinary day! Managed to get out on the kayaks for a couple of hours today. Absolutely brilliant time until a comedy of errors occurred which involved my wife approaching the front of my kayak at speed and me trying to turn far to sharply and quickly. End result, I capsized. Managed to save everything. Home was only 5 minutes away. So after a lightning fast pack up, it was time for a very pleasant warm shower. Going out for lunch today. Mind you. I feel like having having Maccas and my wife wants something more substantial. So I comprised. I'm having Maccas then we are both going to go and have lunch somewhere. You just can't beat the plain ordinary day. It's a pity it took cancer to realise how great they are. Take care all. Tim
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That's what most of us want- to be ordinary ,to look and feel ordinary ,do ordinary things . It's pretty much what I want anyway . Pity we can't go back to BC(before cancer) and to whatever was ordinary for us. Glad good things are happening for you.
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Feeling the sun on your skin (without the associated photosensitivity!) is the best!!!! While we often try to cram in as much as possible due to the fear that we may miss out on something but the sun on the face, the anonymity and the ordinariness of life is wonderful. So pleased that you had a great day. S
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I love an ordinary day....they are far and few between but they creep up on you and SURPRISE...you cant stop smiling and remembering the day!
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