Just thought I would share how great it has been to have had a couple of ordinary days in a row. My wife thought so as well. It has been fantastic to get out and do normal things such as go to the shopping mall and wander around, go out for coffee or for lunch and just veg around the house when it got too hot. The only minor inconvenience was having to have blood take on Thursday, but still that didn't take too long. Am very slowly starting to get an idea of what I can do and can't do with my new energy levels, but I still tend to push myself a little more than I should (although I'm not sure that that's a bad thing as long as I don't over do it). Looking forward to getting a nice day sometime soon so that we can get the kayaks out on the water again, any day other than a Thursday and Friday would be good (chemo on Thurs and don't want to push myself too hard on Friday). All in all, these simple days which are so ordinary are just so wonderful. A minor inconvenience again on Monday (more blood) so we can still have a few more of them. Am hoping to finish the second coat on the house before chemo starts up again. Take care all Tim
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