so we went back to visit the radiation oncologist yesterday... and my dad has dropped more weight. i have started to see some improvement tho, he started asking for the sustagen shakes again. something he hasnt wanted in over a month now. now when i say hasnt wanted... i mean he will throw things at me just for suggesting it. so for him to ask me to start making it again is a huge thing 😛 he also tried some mashed potato a few days back... he couldnt eat it but i was thrilled at the fact he tried. so we are sticking with fluids at the moment and hopefully in a week or two moving up to clear soup. i guess its hard to explain my dad... in many ways hes the strongest man i know, but he also has no ability to express his feelings. but hes always been like that. Hes always shown people that he cared rather then saying the words. but he can be so discreet about the way he shows it. well the day awaits me.... taking dad to the hobby shop (he wants something to do i guess) then doing some more stuff to make sure everything is set when i take my 2 week holiday (just 2 weeks and 2 days to go... not that im counting he he he) Take it easy. Manda
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It's good that he is improving to some degree. In 2 weeks hopefully much more. Where are you going on your holiday?
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fingers crossed 🙂 im headed to North Carolina in the USA to visit my fiance 🙂 with life being so chaotic in general and then my dad getting sick i Havent seen him in a year now (well with out a web cam lol) and i just cant wait to have a few normal weeks.
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