i feel like this is all getting to much for me now! last night my boyfriends mum had a big go at me, over something small and silly... i was so upset.. earlier on to that i was fighting with my bf for not telling me the truth... i have my own probs at home to, i dont really get along with my parents much. I used to escape to my bfs house to escape my parents, now i dont knwo what to do? I feel like my worlds crashing down around me and there's nothing i can do to stop it. i feel so alone, so scared and so hurt. I really only have myself and nobody else.
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Maddie, have you contacted the Cancer Helpline? You are so young to be dealing with all of this on your own. The Helpline may be able to dorect you to someone who can assit you to manage all of these issues. Samex
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Oh Maddie! I feel for you! Cancer is the stupidest, unthinking, ridiculous and painful thing ever- it just creates chaos on so many levels, in so many lives..... I can only suggest that you keep talking to us....and call the Cancer helpline or Lifeline. I admit that I have not had the time myself, but my poor offsider at work cops a lot of venting from me first thing in the morning........and I have blown the speakers in my car from playing music too loud trying to sort myself out before work. Hang in may get worse before it gets better, and the way you want things to work out may not work out the way you hope.....but sometimes you just need to take it one minute at a time......don't give up! I just want to give you a hug- so CYBER hug it up right now! PA
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thanks guys.. its almost as if something else bad were to happen i wouldnt be surprised... i did try the hotline but i felt weird talking on the fone to the lady...
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Hey Mads, Reading your blog just now and realised there was something i was supposed to do today - damm! Listen, im here please dont be afraid to pick up the phone and send a txt telling me you feel like shit, if you can call the cancer helpline call me! - we dont have to talk about it or; when your ready, we dont have to stop talking about it! Watever you want Mads, dont sit there and feel lonely when im here feeling just like you, i went through it too. Whenever you need a friend mads, im here. I really want to build up a friendship with you, things are going to be hard for both of us for awhile - so remember im here ok :) Tske care hun xoxo
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