well im due to marry my beautiful fiance in oct.. he wants to book everything asap.. as horrible as it sounds im so worried he wont be well enough by that stage... he is terminal and for now though everything is stable... no chance and lymph nodes have shrunk.. ive tried talking to him about it and he gets really angry.. i feel really shit knowing we will be a married couple and we wont even be in our own home as we both live with our parents due to the circumstances.. we usually alternate between houses but it doesnt seem the same... what a bittersweet moment it was when he asked me to marry him.. ive been waiting nearly all my life to hear those words, and to hear it from someone who i truly love, yet knowing that we will not be together forever kills me inside... 😞 im scared that what will happen to me after it? i'l be a widow in my young 20s... life is so confusing sometimes! :(
Maddie! My heart goes out to you. So unfair! I can't even begin to imagine how bittersweet that moment was. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason...... Or has a purpose at least..... Cliched and hard to hold on to most of the time, but it stops me from going crazy! Sending loads of purple energy your way tonight..... Plan that wedding...... Miracles do happen.......praying you get one! PA
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thank you 🙂 i hope i get a miracle to!!!
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