wow, i am home at last and finished my 5 weeks of radiation. it was awesome to drive back into town and see our home after weeks away. it was sad to leave Crawford Lodge and in such a short time we made so many friends. they are truly wonderful there and make you feel right at home. we even ran into someone that i play golf with at Ravensthorpe. i want to wish all those people we met, all the best with their treatments. i will be back on January 6 for my check-up and from there, i will know what is in store for me over the next 5 years. i will be thinking of you all. cheers Linda
Hi Linda, Great news that you are home. I have a 'thing' for dates and 6th January is our eldest son's birthday, so now I will be thinking of you too and wishing you all the best for your check-up. Enjoy your family close to you again. Best wishes, Jill.
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Thanks Jill. its so nice to be home and catch up with family and friends. cant wait now to see my kids. have not had the chance to see them yet as they live in Esperance. cheers and stay well Linda
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