Today I did heaps and I must say too much.....tonight I am in so much pain and have learnt the hard way - when u feel better rest is still required. Today I attended 2 meetings, did groceries, had afternoon tea with workmates and caught up with some other mates and then topped off day by doing the dishes. My fiance was less than impressed by all these activities and tried numerous times today to slow me down. I responded by "i feel fine baby not to worry" and stubbornly continued about my busy day. Before my diagnosis numerous activities a day were simple and done with ease. But tonight in hindsight I wish I would have listened to him. So tomorrow its an easy day for sure - we are taking camping stretches to our fav camping spot for the day, we will have a BBQ lunch and sleep under the shady trees near a local creek. Ah I can hear the peace and relaxation already. Fingers crossed the sun is out in all its glory tomorrow 🙂
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