so my boyfriend has to have more surgery after having major bowel surgery he has to have open liver surgery.. at first it was going to be microwave burning but its to deep so the surgeon is going to cut him open again to remove the met.. does anyone know anything about open liver surgery? im scared he's going to be really weak and sick like he's bowel surgery.. i just feel so sorry for him and feel so yuck at the thought at going through another big operation.. its draining me heaps and i just want him up and about already! 😞
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Hey Maddie! Long time..........My husband had his liver torched (well they call it diathermied, but it means the same)....but the grand thing about the liver is that it regenerates itself.......positive thoughts are with you both.......just when you think the journey can't go much ol' man has been in Currumbin Health Clinic for about 7 weeks now, before that he was in hospital for about 3 weeks so we miss him dreadfully! BUT...they seem to have his pain sorted out (although he is on a syringe driver filled with morphine 24/7 now, so can't drive and is pretty vague and out of it at times), but they also seem to have tackled his depression....which has been causing more pain. While their methods seem interesting to seems to have clicked. He might be able to come home this Friday so we shall see how he goes once he returns to 'normality'....and the reality of cooking his own meals, doing his own thing and not having people around him all the time to chat with......mmmmmmmm.... more hurdles ahead but perhaps only small ones.....I did watch a really interesting video today though about black salve......and was blown away by the results of people with breast cancer and melanoma....So I am going to do some more research and find out if it could work for my husband......Lord knows it couldn't hurt! Thinking of you! PA PS- the best "liver man" in the world is Prof David Morris at St George Hospital.....he is the man!
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