Hi all, I am very new to this but thought that this might help me to talk through some of the issues I seem to have even though I am 14 months out of treatment and doing really well. Does anyone else have trouble with still being consumed by the fear of recurrence? I am back at work(a teacher), working too hard, as most teachers do these days, keeping up with a 20yr old uni student and a 15 yr old, running the house, going to yoga, trying to walk everyday to shed the kilos that the steroids put on so there shouldn't be a concern, as my life is seemingly back to its normal chaotic regime. BUT it's always there. I just want to shake myself and tell myself to get over it but the reminders keep popping up. I get a cold - it becomes the flu. My bowel mucks up a little - do I ring the surgeon or oncologist? Do others who have been there feel so irrational as well? Is it also affected by the fact that any of my friends who have had chemo haven't made it. There cancers were dofferent to mine, but maybe this adds to the fear. I'd be interested to know how others feel
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