Hi there,


I just had an ultrasound today on my neck under jawline, due to a sore lump there. My gp thought it might be a stone through a saliver glan .


But the radiologist says it could be 2 nodules that are cancerous, but they wont know until I have a ct scan.


I am having a port put in next week and 2nd lot of immunotherapy treatment for lung cancer. My God what next !!


I am trying to keep positive but its damn hard . Woman Sad

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Hi there Lillian1,


You’re alive!  That’s a good thing.   Don’t let it get you down.  Take a few big deep breaths &  keep on living.  😊



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Hi budgie, thank you for your uplifting comments. I am back up there on a high again ! How are you doing ? Woman Happy

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I’m glad to hear you’re not still down in the dumps lillian1.

I’m going pretty well thanks, as I’ve just got the results from a CT scan I had done yesterday.  It shows that my current treatment is still keeping most things at bay.  I do have a small new bone met  in another one of my ribs, but no new soft tissue mets.   I am very pleased as I felt sure that it had stopped working. 


Just remember to take each each day as it comes, & keep breathing. 


Take care



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I am really happy for you. Yes we have to take each day as it comes and each day is a bonus ! Smiley Happy Have a good day Smiley Happy

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