Hi there,


I had a smart port put in about 4 weeks ago, and I am having immunotherapy every 3 weeks, and I have had no problems at all, however the port in the last week seems to protrude more in my chest.


I just wonder if this is normal ? 

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Hi lillian1,


I also have a port in.  One of the best things I've done as my veins are horribly scarred, & getting blood tests done was not fun, with some nurses having as many as 5 attempts to find a vein that they can get blood from.  Now I get my blood tests when I have my port flushed.

 Anyway, I digress.  You are probably noticing it more now as the swelling from the procedure has reduced.  I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, but if it concerns you, have it checked out by your GP, or the nurses who give you your treatment.  They should be able to tell if it's normal or not.


All the best 


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Hi Budgie, thank you for your reply. The good thing with having a port is that I dont even feel it and yes you are right, it is 100 times better than trying to hopelessly find a vein ! How are you doing ?

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Hi there,


I'm going pretty well at the moment, thanks lillian1.   I have my daughter & her family visiting us over the Easter period, so it's  wonderful time for me.  

I hope you are well .

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Hi Budgie, I had a good Easter and a quiet one with my husband and joined in with the festivities at the Salvos. Iam glad you enjoyed your easter with the family. I am doing ok and dodging the flu, which seems to be rampard in the state. Still now we have had the flu jab , it should work. Hope you are doing ok. Smiley Happy

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