My husband had testicular cancer of the right testicle 15 years ago, he has now been diagnosed with testicular canner of the left testicle. Just wondering if thus could be deemed as a pre existing condition as we are supposed to go on holidays on Thursday, he is having surgery on Tuesday and are unsure If he is able to go Thursday??? Any replys would be very appreciated Please help ...
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I don't know but I reckon if he was cleared before, then this could be considered a new cancer. Ask the doctor treating him and if he/she says it's not a pre-existing condition then that doctor could give you a letter to back it up. I imagine you are talking in relation to travel insurance. My thoughts only,but not from experience. All the best with it as holidays can be so important now.
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G'day there I agree with SIILY - if he was cleared before then this is a new cancer. However, you do need to check with your oncologist on this. Insurance companies can be awkward to deal with and they may claim it is pre-existing. However, they should still give you travel insurance that excludes anything to do with his testicular cancer. If you get run over my a bus, it is hardly anything to do with your cancer, but you still need health insurance!. A good source of advice is the cancer helpline 13 11 20. Cheers Sailor Even with the best charts, we are cautious about fixing our position, for it is so easy to goof. And the easiest way of all is by taking a mark, assuming it is the right one, and ignoring any others that may be in sight. 
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