my partner was told he is going to have radiation to shrink his bowel tumor before surgery, for six weeks every single day! he also has to take his chemo bottle home and wear that for five days... can anyone tell me the side effects of radiation? does it work?
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Hi maddie Someone who I went through treatment with had the same as your boyfriend is having. Everyone is different and reacts differently to treatments. My understanding is that it is fairly standard type treatment regime for that sort of cancer. :) Rgds Julie
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Hi Maddie, I have had combined treatments, although back in 2000. I know that it is different for everyone, but it seems to be a really good way of beating the nasty in some people depending on where the cancer is. I had more problems than most have, because I had already had my large bowel removed years ago. The worst effects for me, were diarrhoea and nauseousness - but your partner probably won't have the diarrhoea as bad, some actually can get constipated with certain chemos. The best bet is to ask the oncologist or oncology nurses what they expect to be the case, and just try to remember that once through the regime, it will all fade away again. I DO KNOW that it worked for me very well, and as you can see I am down the track by 10 years which is classed as a cure. Good luck, just try to make sure that your partner gets enough fluids - I finished up having half milk and half sustagen when I couldn't eat properly. Also look after yourself as well, us who get the diagnosis would be lost without the carers helping us. craftyone
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thanks guys, yeah im just scared that combined with chemo its going to make him very sick, its targeting his bowel and so i really do hope it shrinks his nasty tumor! he's a tough cookie so i hope he's ok 🙂
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Hi Maddie, I have had radiation treatment twice for my breast cancer. The first treatment was very intensive, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Due to the area being treated I suffered severe burns to my chest, underarm area. However, I believe that depending on which parts of the body are being treated, these burns do not happen to everyone! My second bout of radiation was just a short 5 days treatment. This was to my neck/jaw area where the bone cancer is causing a few probs. I had no probs with this treatment, except for an extremely sore throat. The only other 'thing' I found with radiation was that it made me extremly tired! I have not had radiation and chemo at the same time, so I cant help you out there. I used to tell myself, that the sicker I felt during these treatments just meant that 'they' were working. Isnt it funny how we dont think something is working, unless we can 'see' it. Take care and good luck.
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