We are still waiting for an appointment at the melanoma clinic. I have told Darryn he should ring the hospital but he is happy to wait. I think its a case of no news is good news or at least he has convinced himself of that, I just hope that's the case. I am finding it hard to wait patiently unlike he seems to be doing. All is good with our relationship at the moment, he is starting to open up to me about his feelings a little so I guess I am doing the right thing in letting him come to me instead of asking him how he is. He admitted he has been feeling depressed a lot of the time and realizes that it is most likely the biggest cause of his constant tiredness. I am happy that he knows this now. He is still smoking and it seems to be more and more often but he still is trying to hide the fact he is smoking so I will leave it like this as if I let him know I know he is smoking he might smoke more. At least if I am around him he doesn't smoke. Still hoping he will quit when he is ready.
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