Hi all, This possibly seems like a ridiculous question but does anyone else suffer from survivor guilt? It seems to me that anyone I have known who has been diagnosed with cancer, at 50 or younger,that has required chemo and/or radiation hasn't made it except me. While I rejoice in the fact that I am doing so well, I found it particularly difficult when a very good friend died 12 months ago, 2 months after I stopped treatment. He was my "chemo buddy" and ran a 2.50 marathon before being diagnosed with industrial related lung cancer. I often have difficulty trying to understand why he and 3 other friends haven't made it. I don't feel that I am anything special, or at least no more than they were. If anyone else has experienced this, could you let me know if it is a common thought or am I just overly sensitive and as my husband says, I think too much. Samex
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