my boyfriend has just gone in for his liver re-section and im so nervous... they talk about all this blood stuff and the risks and its all a big jumble to me.. there are two small tumors on his liver but both in tricky places, which is why they have to remove half of his liver... apparently they have grown since stopping chemo.. i hope once they're out they stay out for good! i hate this stuff i hate watching him in pain.. im sick to death of it! and i hate waiting.. they said the surgery will take ages up to 5-6 hours.. its the waiting that gets me... im feeling sad 😞
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Hi Maddie, Waiting is terrible, I know. It must be harder for the carers, especially when surgery is involved. I hope that he comes through it okay and that it is all removed!! Good luck, and take care of yourself, as he will need you. craftyone
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thanks craftyone 🙂
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