Day three has been pretty good - other than the school telling me that I should be away so that I can "make sure I have things organised". Sorry, but wtf?I may have been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, but hey I am not dead yet (and don't intend to be for as long as possible). So after another round of blood tests and another CT scan, it was back to work. I had asked the school (on Tuesday when i received the news) to tell the staff the news and that things didn't need to change. If they didn't talk to be before - don't start up now, if they would argue previously - don't suddenly be nice, and so on. The big thing that they were told is don't come up and go "I'm so sorry" and act all sympathetic and woosy. Empathy is great so be empathetic. Getting back to work was fine for me, but hard for the staff. I could see it in their faces and hear it in their voices.I think the thing is that staff didn't know what to say. If they said something, would it be the wrong thing to say? End result - everyone was being very cautious around me. The problem is, that I know that they need to be able to talk about it with me. They need some level of understanding of what it is that I am going through now. Hopefully in time they will start to feel a little more relax, especially when they see me back into doing what I usually do. My wife and I had a lovely day yesterday, We had the time to think, the time to be alone and the time to share. It was worth it. I know that I need to be practical, I need to be doing things. If I get bored, that's when things will start. My wife also needs to do the same. We need as much normalcy as we can.I may have been diagnosed with this dreadful condition, but life still goes on. I haven't yet come to terms with things just yet (its only been a 3 days now) but I have come to accept things, if you can understand what I mean. take care all, those of you are are undergoing treatment you have my best thoughts for a positive result. Hopefully one day they will find a complete cure for this nasty beast. Tim while there is even the slightest chance, there is a chance. While there is a chance, there is always hope.
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