A significant day

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A significant day

I feel like sharing, and I know people on here will understand. My husband, who has been in remission for NHL for 12 months, was referred to a psychologist today. As well as being diagnosed with incurable cancer last year, he has been having shocking job stress for 2 years, so I'm not suprised. I've known this would happen for the last few months; I've been waiting for him to be ready to ask for help, but I still find myself upset by it. Is that weird? If I've known for ages that it's going to happen, why do I still feel shocked that it has? Has anyone else had this experience? Emily
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Re: A significant day

Hi Emily All sounds a bit human to me! I think no matter how much we kind of 'know' something there is always a part of us that hopes it is not going to happen. However it sounds like it is a good thing that he has asked for help. I imagine you probably feel sad that he is in such a difficult situation. Take care Rikki
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