Alcohol and breast cancer

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Alcohol and breast cancer

I am really struggling watching my partner drink daily and excessively and smoke knowing she has had 18 months of intensive chemo and radiation   A recent bone scan has shown something on a rib where she has been experiencing pain off and on for some months now but the doc can’t say certainly it is a new cancer. More tests in 5 weeks to have another look. Diagnosed three years ago and had lumpectomy and node removal. Stage 2b her 2positive 3cm tumour. 

do you  think the continuance of alcohol and smoking and poor diet from the beginning has caused a new cancer on her rib ?   

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Re: Alcohol and breast cancer

Hi @Piper ,


That must be incredibly difficult for you Smiley Sad


That would not have caused a recurrence or a new cancer, but a healthy lifestyle is never a bad thing.


You might like to have a read of the information available here on the Cancer Council QLD site.


Let us know how the tests go!

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