Angio Sarcoma treatments and prognosis

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Angio Sarcoma treatments and prognosis

Hi Forum,


I am hoping that someone “out there” has some experience/knowledge of Sarcoma, specifically Angio Sarcoma?


My wife has contracted this quite rare form of tissue cancer (diagnosed in March 2019 and at first thought it was more common Breast cancer) as there seems to be rather limited information about her prognosis, or indeed life expectation. All she has been told is that at present for this cancer there is no real cure!


She at first had Radiation treatment for the initial small tumour in her breast and that did in fact reduce that, but the hope that a then planned operation to remove the tumour was “dashed” when she was told that the cancer had spread and that the best course of action was for her to commence immediate Chemo and not undergo that operation, as time would be “lost” recovering from any surgery.


At present she has only had 3 Chemo sessions, so her Dr’s are still assessing the dosage against what her body can withstand. Physically she is not too bad, (except she sleeps a lot and does not do much at present, from the Chemo side effects), but mentally she is rather poorer, simply from not knowing any real details as to what the future holds!


If anyone has any experience of this exact type of cancer any information or advice would be very welcome, either good or bad…..I/we just need to know what to plan for our future “together” and just some idea of how long that might be………difficult questions I know, but I hope that someone has some advice or suggestions of other type of treatment etc. for this type of cancer?


I have recently heard of some trials in Europe of a new type of cancer drug specifically for tissue type cancers, but am unsure of the name of these drugs or indeed how my wife might get on to some trial of this type of new drug, that may well be of more help in her situation.


Many thanks in advance for any further information.



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Re: Angio Sarcoma treatments and prognosis

Hi Mal,


My heart goes out to you & your wife.  I'm sorry there's a lack of info for you, as knowledge is comforting.  Unfortunately, I can't offer anything except my best wishes.  This community is a wonderful place to seek advice, for even though someone may not have the same cancer, there are people who suffer the same side effects from chemo & radiation for the physical side of things.   We all suffer the mental side effects of the cancer & the treatment which follows as well, & there are plenty of us here who could offer support for that side.  

Keep searching for info, & keep your chin up. 🙂



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