Bladder cancer

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Bladder cancer

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Bladder cancer which has spread to th pelvis he also has a return of Bower cancer, that was in 2016 after chemo and radiation he was fine for a year but the bladder cancer is active again they are saying the might need to remove the bladder. I don't know how he will ope with this it gets harder to remain positive

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Re: Bladder cancer

Hi Catherine,


We sent some information to you in a private message, but additionally for anyone else in a similar situation, the booklet "Understanding Bladder Cancer" from Cancer Council might be helpful. It covers diagnosis and treatment for bladder cancer, including different types of surgery that may be suggested as part of treatment.


You can access the online version here or contact Cancer Council Information and Support line on 131120 to have a hard copy of the booklet sent to you by post.


You may also be interested in another Cancer Council publication, "Caring for someone with cancer", which can be very helpful when someone you love has cancer.


Take care,


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