Cancer really blows!

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Cancer really blows!

My father had some sort of cancer in his face and neck probably 16/17 years ago. He still suffers from the radiation side affects.

My mother had breast cancer 15 years ago, had a mastectomy and chemo. Sailed through it all really well.

2016 I was diagnosed with Nodular Melanoma.  Surgery. Then appeared in a lymph node. More surgery. Then Melanoma  blind immune therapy trial. Then massive side affects from that. Nearly died.

Now my mother has just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer recurrent. 15 years after original breast cancer. She has now been told it's not curable but is treatable.  So starts aggressive chemo next week. She's 80 in May. I sure as heck am not ready to lose her! She's determined to fight it with everything she has.

Plus my sister in laws mother is days away from succumbing to gynaecological cancer.

How do we get off this roller coaster ride?!

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