Second Parent Diagnosis

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Second Parent Diagnosis

Hi all. 

so when I was 23 I lost my beautiful 59 year old Mama. 

recently, my Papa underwent his yearly check up and they found that his numbers for his prostate went from 2.7 to 3.7. So of course they investigated. Last year everything was fine, didn’t feel anything when they did the internal check but this year, the doctor felt some small things, and then had biopsies done etc.


so it’s come back as prostate cancer. I’m beside myself. He’s 73 and I’m just not ready to go through the loss of another parent yet. I’m 35 now and I’m just as scared as I was back then. 

im thankful he’s pretty religious with his check ups. Mama missed one mammogram and it obviously ended really badly.


im so scared. I have such bad anxiety, health anxiety and I’m a catastrophiser so I’m already mentally burying him. 😞


Hes recently had the scans to see if it has spread and I’m so scared to even ask the question. Like beside myself. He has had no symptoms, he’s carrying on like nothing is wrong and I’m a complete mess. 

just looking for some support. I feel so alone. And scared.

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Re: Second Parent Diagnosis

Morning @SecondRodeo and welcome to our little community ❤️


Sorry to hear of your Papa's diagnosis, are you caring for him through this time?


It's understandably scary for you, but you are not alone! As a starting point, I'd suggest checking out our podcasts such as Cancer affects the carer too.


Something else you may like to explore is perhaps Talk to a professional counsellor  via Cancer Council or our Telephone Support Groups which have a group available for those caring for someone with cancer.



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Re: Second Parent Diagnosis

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets well soon.
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