Caring for someone with cancer

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Caring for someone with cancer

A guide for family and friends who provide care and support.A guide for family and friends who provide care and support.Around 135,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year. Each of these people will need the love, care and support of their family and friends. These carers will also need support to manage the impact that caring will have upon their lives.


Cancer Council's Caring for Someone with Cancer booklet has helped numerous people, like yourselves, over the years. It offers everything from practical tips on navigating the experience of cancer as a carer whilst balancing everything else, to exploring managing the physical and emotional needs of caring for someone with cancer.


We're excited to announce that there is now a brand new edition of this vital resource!


The new booklet now includes a greatly expanded chapter on caring for someone with advanced cancer. To help carers manage this complex role, new information has been added about where to get support, how to avoid burnout, the process of advance care planning, and issues surrounding care at the end of life.


You can download the new edition in PDF format now.

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