Lymphoma brain cancer

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Lymphoma brain cancer partner was diagnosed with lymphoma brain cancer last Nov 2016 since then he has had 7 lots of chemo and 13 treatments of radiation that all finished 4 months ago..he is on medication...he is a 71 year old man and seems to be getting worse not better. he aches all the time always tired and out of breath...doesnt want to go anywere..just wants to sleep or watch Tv...we have doctor reviews but they say it will just take time..but how long? he hates his life keeps telling me i cant take anymore..i dont know what to do..can any one help please....

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Re: Lymphoma brain cancer

Hi Bob58, I'm so sorry you and your partner have to go through this.  My husband was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2011, when he was 40, and had 6 months of chemotherapy (Bendamustine).  It took him about 4 months to recover his energy from this treatment.  Obviously my husband and your partner are different people in different situations, but this may be a guide to your partner's recovery.  He has had more treatment and is considerably older than my husband, so it's not suprising that he has not recovered his energy yet.  It's not a sign that something has gone wrong.  Hopefully this is a bit encouraging! 


You could say he is basically in a rehabilitation phase after his treatment, so anything the two of you can learn about rehab may be helpful.  The Cancer Council may be able to provide you both with some post chemo rehabilitation advice, or put you in touch with someone who can.  I wish you both good things.  


Re: Lymphoma brain cancer

Hi @Bob58,


I am sending a prviate message to you but I also want to concur with @little_stitcher's comments.


This is a link HERE to information that Cancer Council has put together that addresses life after cancer treatment. I hope it is helpful.


Best wishes for you and your partner.


Kind regards,


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