Coping with my sisters uterine cancer

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Coping with my sisters uterine cancer

My sister unexpectedly didn’t realised that the bleeding she have after menopause and a couple of curette to fix the problem which didn’t worked at all and giving her pain. They never knew why till she have ct and mri scan that she have stage 3 uterine cancer.  She was shocked and so with the whole family. Doctor can’t operate not until cancer get smaller so she had radiotherapy and first chemotherapy. I am so heartbroken that she’s having terrible pain with every 2 hours morphine  and swelling on her legs and stomach. I don’t know what to expect really I’m at lost . I been crying in and off wherever I am. Do you all think my sister will have a chance to recover ? Can someone advise me how to cope as I am not ready to lose her at all.  

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Re: Coping with my sisters uterine cancer

Afternoon @bluedolphin109 and welcome to the community.


I am sorry to read of your sister's diagnosis ❤️


Have you given 13 11 20 a call at all?


You might also find this podcast episode about coping with a cancer diagnosis really good right now.


Sending hugs!!



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Re: Coping with my sisters uterine cancer

How are you going @bluedolphin109 ?


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