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Hi my husband was told he had kidney cancer in December he has now had surgery and is in recovery doing well but has up and down days with pain and discomfort and he takes out on me due to frustration as he is a very active person, just got to wait for post op appointment to see where we go from there, it’s been a struggle for us as my husband’s dad passed away while he was in hospital so I had to tell him the sad news I am struggling to come to terms with it as my father in law was like a dad to me also I am finding it hard that so called friends say I should not have to long time off work as it will not do me any good, any advice on how I can get through this.

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Re: Coping

Hi Chickhens, I'm so sorry both of you are in this situation.


The only advice I have for you is take one day (or even one hour) at a time.  You will cope, and you will do what you need to.  I'm so glad you found this forum, it's a great place to get support and the Cancer Council itself is a wealth of knowledge and practical help.  


  If you would like something more specific (and are on Facebook) there is also a facebook group called 'Caring for Husbands with Cancer' which is specifically targetted to women in our situation. (My husband was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011 and has been in remission after 6 months of chemotherapy).  It it really big now (nearly 12000 members from all over the world!) so it's very active and very encouraging and suportive. 


Know that you are not alone.  Love and hugs, Emily

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