Dealing with family

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Dealing with family

Hi everyone, you will have to excuse me, it's been awhile since l've been on. Like most of you l'm trying to take care of a loved one and work full time. So my time is limited for forums etc. I need some help on how to deal with an older sibling, who dispite numerous discussion on Mum's health and need for an afternoon sleep, continues to take Mum out for longer than she can handle. She had even called Mum to confirm that she does sleep in the afternoon. She clearly doesn't trust my word, even though l keep her and the other siblings up to date on what is happening with Mum. Does anyone have some words of wisdom for me? Meandma.
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Re: Dealing with family

How old is your mum? It's difficult to offer suggestions , mot knowing the personalities and the roles you each have assumed . Families are all so different . Maybe a round table discussion??? Has Mum really been asked what SHE wants in each situation or does she let others take over ??? My mum is 83 and has 12 children so in a similar situation there would not always be full agreement,I am guessing. Best of luck!
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