End of Life

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End of Life

I think my partner is dying. She has lost so much muscle mass and I can feel her bones around her joints in her shoulders.  She can barely keep any food down. She has been dry-retching for about 3 months and while she is now on meds to help, she still barely eats. 
She has sarcoma that came from her uterine, and has spread through her abdomen, including to her lungs and liver. She still tries to be active, but sits for hours sometimes. I saw her cat scan report from the start of July. I know it’s not good. She says her lethargy is from the morphine but how can I tell?

What should I look for? I can’t talk to her about it

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I don't actually have answers but I want to affirm you for your care and for reaching out.  This has been hard for you.  She probably can't think straight either.  I am sorry that you are going through this and imagine you have been amazing and will work it out.  All the best 💜🙏🌈

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