i just need someone to talk too who understands

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i just need someone to talk too who understands

i think these last few months are gonna be the last my dad will be around for, idk what to do , i seem to think upon the future and would will change, how will we cope ( we as in my siblings n mum ) and it horrible no one is ever prepared for death, i have never lost anyone close to me and my dad would have been one of the last i expected as such a young age. i never understood cancer, or the affect but i do now, my dad who is 44 years of age was diagnosed late last year with NK/T CELL LYMPHOMA, and earlier in april a brain tumour . when i was told about the brain tumour i was gutted but with the cancer i already knew its be malignent, i have wandered and though over the months about why us, why my dad, over and over but itll never be awnsered, bad things happen to good people unfortunetly, ive read plenty of peoples own stories and it saddens me deeply that so many of us have to go through this.

fuck cancer.


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Re: i just need someone to talk too who understands


While my Dad is much older than yours I think I can share in some of your concerns. It isa very difficult time for the family when considering what the future may bring and how you will cope along the way.  I am finding it difficult to watch my Dad struggle with some of his everyday tasks. They make him breathless and exhausted.

Do you have any special activities you like to sit and do with your dad?

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