Finding a bilingual counsellor

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Finding a bilingual counsellor

My mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 29th August 2019, one day that has been seared into my brain, and being the eldest child, i took on the challenge to look after not only mum, but dad also who had a heart attack in April. So i stopped working or should i say stop going to work, to tend to blood test, chemotherapy  treatment, doctors appointment and keep not only my home but my parents home aswell . All was going well until Christmas when we had a short break from chemo, only to get an infection and ended up back in hospital.  So now mum is totally convinced that she is going to die sooner rather than later. I sam looking for a concellor who could talk to mum and put her mind at ease, as she is not listening to us anymore.

Can anyone suggest or recommend where i can get help


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Re: Finding a bilingual counsellor

Hello @Vinnie and welcome to our Community ❤️


I've just sent you a little welcome email with a few options, so check your inbox when you get a chance.


Can I ask what language you were after specifically? It will help myself and others in supporting you.


Have a lovely day!


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