GBM stage 4

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GBM stage 4

Hi all,

My name is Jamie-lee and I am 25. My partner, 34, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 GBM brain cancer. I wanted to share our story with you.  February this year, my partner was matched to compete in a muay thai fight in adelaide. Down there, you are required to get an MRI before you fight and get a clearance from the Dr. He gets the scan, and the dr says "you won't be fighting, we've found something on your brain, you need to get to the hospital ASAP." This was a shock to all of us, as he had shown no symptoms of having anything wrong. 2 weeks pass, and he recieves another scan which showed the tumor had grown 20% in 2 weeks. 5 days later he got surgery to remove the tumor, which they manged to remove 100%. The biopsy  showed that it was unfortunely stage 4 GBM. Fast forward to today, he has had 6 weeks of radiation and chemo, with a 4 week break. His latest MRI came back clear, and is getting ready to start 6 months of chemo.  If he didn't have that fight lined up in adelaide, he wouldn't of had the scan, and may not be with us today. 

We take each day as it comes, good or bad, and make the most out of it. It's hard not being able to plan a future anymore with him. Still being young, we were just starting to create out life together, but now all of that is on hold, and we are focusing on beating this!! He has an amazing attitude towards life, and doesn't let anything, including this horrible disease get to him. I truly believe positive thinking plays a big role. 

As his partner, it's very hard watching him go through this, and seeing someone who go from being so active, to having very little energy. Although there has been some physical changes to our relationship, over all we still the same as we were before. Not only has this strengthened us a couple, but also individually and I know there's nothing we won't be able to face in life together. 

Thank you for listening. 


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Re: GBM stage 4

Thank you for telling your story, my very best wishes go with you both. Yes its really hard to plan anything, I had my first outing in 5 months last week, (my husband has stage 4 lymphoma), I went to a concert but didn't book the ticket until the day before and then left my phone on during the concert but wow I really enjoyed it! Cheers.


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Re: GBM stage 4

Hi Jamie-lee....thanks for sharing with’s such a shock when you hear the diagnosis and everything then happens so fast...and yes,  your life changes and it is hard to plan and it’s heartbreaking to see the person you love going through treatment.  Your new life develops and you adapt and you do different things together, you take pleasure where you can and you focus on each day, just as you two are doing. I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way...take care 🌻

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