Guilt for having fun

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Guilt for having fun

Hi all

my husband has stage 4 esophagus cancer and is fed via a tube through a stent in the tumour, and to his intestines. He has no energy as he isn’t having enough feeds, despite Meyer efforts to encourage him. 

We have moved from a rural area to be closer to family and decent hospitals. I’m feeling so guilty as I am barely home now. Im

doing all the things I’ve always loved (ukulele, choir, line dancing) and my husband isn’t well enough to join me. All he does is sleep and watch tv for 2 1/2 weeks amd has 4 good days before his chemo

cycle starts again. 

I assume it’s normal to feel guilty? Other than my husbands cancer, I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. Watch a bitch, eh? I spend a lot of time singing and playing ukulele with my 82yo amulet, who lost her husband 2 years ago. She is also feeling guilty. 

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