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Hi Aia,

I am so sorry to here you’re mom has passed.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.  May you all find peace and comfort in good friends and family.  Remember she left her love and tenderness and all her good qualities and mostly all those beautiful memories embedded in you and your families hearts. ❤️   I won’t lie, it does hurt to lose someone so damn close to your heart, but it does get better.  Never forgotten, but you don’t have to watch her in pain anymore.  I still have days when I need my dad and cry and talk to him.  My dad passed away December 15th, 2007.  So you will get stronger, that I promise.  But you will always have your days of just needing them or advice.  I forget how old you are, or maybe we never talked about age.  Do you have siblings other than your sister.  Are you close to your Dad.  Listen I will say this, there is no right or wrong way of grieving.  It’s what’s best for Aia.  If you need to cry you cry.  You need to scream then scream.  If you want to be left alone, then take a day or two to yourself, the only thing I will say is I don’t want you to stay alone more than a day or two.  Because being with your family, friends or partner that supports you during this time is best.  I would only be with people I could be happy with and when I got flooded with tears, I could just release without saying I’m sorry.  You are one amazing lady.  Your mom was lucky to have such a beautiful soul as a daughter.  As you sound pretty damn lucky to have such a loving mom.  Your mom is watching over you, with clarity and no pain.  She absolutely had her wings and in a loving place.  Yes God of course brought her home in his arms to love her, but he put her in your family because he knew how much she would be loved in the arms of her family.  If you need to talk Aia I don’t know where you live, I’m in Boston area.  But please keep checking in with me.  Bc even tho we’ve only known each other a short time my heart tells me you are such an amazing person, and I am hear you listen and talk anytime.  Xoxo please know I am thinking and praying for you and your family. ❤️🌹 Traci-Rene’e


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