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Is IPTAAS available for partners, next of kin, carers to visit there loved one in hospital?


I live 230km from where my husbandis having a series of High Dose Chemo followed by Stem cell transplants, he is quiet ill and we have kid at home, so I am down in Sydney every weekend, and then do a day trip on Wednesdays, the fuel and accomodation is starting to add up.


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Hi @Bucknchooky,


I can't see anything immediately apparent, although there is a bit in the eligibility criteria that might be helpful: "a carer who has been certified as being medically necessary by the medical practitioner or specialist." Take a look at our PDF fact sheet on IPTAAS, available here.


I'm going to suggest you call into 13 11 20, as the team might be aware of other options or solutions available to assist you.


I do hope you are keeping well Smiley Happy


Kind Regards,


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