Is the chemo not working?

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Is the chemo not working?


I am not sure I am posting this in the correct place, but my mum was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in July. Her tumour was 5cm and 2 positive lymph nodes under arm.


She had 9 x weekly PC chemo and has had 2 x EC chemo, with the last one in due this week.

She had an mri scan after the 7th weekly PC chemo and today she received the results.


Sadly, the scan only showed a 5mm shrinkage of the tumour. There was talk of the volume within the tumour reducing , but not too sure what this would indicate.


It could have been worse news, but we are very disappointed as we were hoping for more shrinkage after 7 weeks of chemo, especially as I had heard that triple negative cancer responds well to chemo.

What concerns me is, if the tumour has not responded well to the chemo, would that mean that any cells that may have broken away, not have responded either?

Anyone experienced anything similar?

Thanks x

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Re: Is the chemo not working?



I'm sorry to hear about your Mum.


Do they know what stage the chemo is? Or is that still to be determined??

I don't have any experience with breast cancer, so I'll refrain from speculating on the results of the chemo.

I would suggest that this is probably a great question to ask your Mum's oncologist.


I hope everything is getting better for your Mum.

Best of luck.




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Re: Is the chemo not working?

Hipe everything is just fine, please get well soon for your mom and pray and stay positive!

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