Is the end near?

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Is the end near?



I am deeply saddened to see how

many people are fighting this horrid disease. I am reaching out on this forum as my father was diagnosed with recurrent bowel cancer in 2017 which spread to his liver mid last year.  Liver ablation was unsuccessful and resection of primary tumour was barely an option due to the size/location and complexity of the tumour. 


Earlier this year, 2 new liver tumours appeared and his oncologist recommended chemo (to prolong longevity). Unfortunately, dad only manged to complete 2 sessions (this being the 3rd time chemo was being done since first diagnosis in 2009 which was ‘clinically’ cured). He has deteriorated greatly in the last 5 weeks (losing about 17kg) and treatment has now completely ceased.


I am due to get married in November and doctors advised that they don’t think dad will last until end of year. I just want to know what others have experienced with their loved ones toward end of life i.e symptoms/things to look out for and how long this lasted until they passed.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Is the end near?

Morning @CDee,


Sorry to hear what is happening with your father, how has he been the past few weeks? And how have you been?


Just bumping this up, so hopefully other people here will see it and be able to contribute!


Hoping all is as well as it can be right now Heart



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Re: Is the end near?

Hello @Katekat 


Thank you so much for checking in. Every day presents a new battle for dad but we are all trying to be strong during this time. 


Hope all is well on your end Heart



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Re: Is the end near?

Hi CDee,

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad and what he's going through (and what you're going through).

My father had bowel cancer.  By the time it was discovered the cancer had already metasised to his liver, kidneys and I think his stomach, but he still survived for many years.

It was a long time ago now and I guess the small details also fade with time (and probably for self preservation). But even if I could remember, I'm sure that my Fathers symptoms could be very different to your fathers depending on so many factors, for example, where it has metasised to exactly.


If it is important to you for your father to see you married and it's not practical to reschedule, perhaps you could hold an earlier smaller cermoney, sooner rather than later, and take photos. You might then choose to take those photos with you to the later cermony.

Just some thoughts.


Good luck,



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