Metastatic Oesaphagael cancer

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Metastatic Oesaphagael cancer

My husband was diagnosed with this horrible cancer on 23 rd December 2013 . I remember sitting listening to two Drs telling us the bad news and answering my husbands questions with truth and great kindness as our world crumbled around us. I remember the cold feeling I felt inside and the shaking while trying to absorb the words.  On the 7th January he started six months of chemo and we planned trips in our caravan while he tolerated this horrible treatment. He was a large man and enjoyed robust health and we both loved to travel, we are Grey Nomads and travelled Australia extensively. While on the chemo he had to be hospitalised for the first few sessions of chemo as it affected his heart. After changing dosages etc it all settled down and the only bad affects he had was with cold. At the end of the six months the Drs told us the tumour in the oesaphagus had shrunk and the lymph nodes as well, but made sure we realised that it was not cured. We took off for 6 weeks on a trip to Qld and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Over the next 2 yrs he enjoyed good health and no growth in the cancer. This year it all changed and he had a heart attack in April and in August a stroke.. The cancer is growing again and because of his health the Drs are not doing anymore treatment and this week he was referred to palliative care. He recovered from the stroke quite well but has some problems with his speech but for him the worst part is he cannot drive. That is the only thing I have heard him complain about in 3 yrs. he is so optimistic and doesn't like to talk too much about the cancer but now that palliative care is involved he is feeling a little out of control. It doesn't help that he lost his best mate of 60 yrs last week after a short battle with a very aggressive skin cancer. I have coped quite well mainly because my husbands optimism and good humour but for the first twelve months I could think of nothing else but losing him. Those feelings have settled down but I still get depressed occassionaly...this week especially. We have enjoyed our family and friends who by the way are angels on earth. We know our time together is limited and we have had 48yrs of happiness but we will strive to get more time. I have learnt that I can be very strong and have taken on roles I would never had done before.  I know I am very fortunate that  we have had a wonderful life together and we will continue to do so as long as we can. A carers job is very very hard.

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Re: Metastatic Oesaphagael cancer

Thank you for sharing your story with us @roma22, what a journey you two have had!


A carer's job is very hard indeed, so my hat goes off to you. I do hope you continue to enjoy your time together, it sounds like you have had an amazing 48 years together Heart


Please do keep us updated on your husband's progress and take some time to explore the site if you are able, I think you will find more than a few kindred spirits here.


Kind Regards,


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