My sister has Cancer and I am Angry.

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My sister has Cancer and I am Angry.

I am the youngest of 6 and my father died of cancer when I was a child. My brother had lung cancer about 10 years ago and had a lobe of lung removed. From what I am hearing he may well have it again but in denial and hasn't seen the doctor. My eldest brother has kidney failure, diabetis , COPD etc and unlikely to get a transplant due to lifestyle choices. My sister just informed me last night she has been told she has liver cancer, lung and possible adrenal (She will be having an MRI next week to confirm mets and try to sort out primary vs secondaries) along with Stage 3 COPD. All three have been chain smokers and drinkers their entire lives...and so there is a part of me right now that is so Angry. Angry that they will likely die because of it, Angry that they will put mom through their deaths and Angry at myself for feeling so Angry. I love them all to bits and I am grieving. I suppose I have hit the Angry part first :(. Hardest of all...They all live in America and I live here in Australia and feeling helpless.  I am a medical professional (albeit in the animal field) so have been helping her understand the doctor speak and the process she is going through. I don't know if I need advice or just need to vent. Is it normal to feel this way. They have given me crap my whole life when I worried about their drinking/smoking and here we are...

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Re: My sister has Cancer and I am Angry.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to feel angry under these circumstances.  I would too.  I'm glad you found this forum, it's a great place to vent with people who understand.  Sending hugs, Emily

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