Through it all again...

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Through it all again...

Hi all 


I want to start off by saying that I am new to this forum and wasnt too sure whether I was even going to join when the doctors recommended it but reading what other people have experianced and are going through with their loved ones and also hearing everyone support one another and share kind words just makes everything better so thank you all for that. 


In may this year (2018) my dad (46yrs) was was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer (spread to the liver). the doctors say it most likely in him for the past 20yrs. After the weeks of disbelief and numbness my family and I all learnt to deal with it going to chemo theropy, continuing with life as if this is our new normal and his results were improving.


Little disclamer: I am 22, have 4 wonderful sisters and mum as a support system as well as friends and other family. Also my grandfather has bowel cancer which spread to his liver then lymph nodes which he has been treating/managing for the last 9yrs. My dad is now on his 8th chemo treatment and also has had 2 radiation "Targeting" treatments.


A week ago (early sept 18) I was woken by a phone call from my dad at 5am crying and saying that he couldnt walk! after a few pain killers and some rest he reassured me that he was okay but we took him to the hospital for furhter checkup anyway. Today we got a call from our GP saying he has the results from the scan and that my dad has stage 4 bone cancer also speculation that he has had it for quite some time now also it is extremly rare to have bowel and bone as 2 primary cancers.


So now here we are back to the numbness back to all the questions: Why wasn't this picked up in his first diagnoses? , Why did the doctors assume he only had bowel cancer why wasnt anything else checked and also out of all the scans, chemo and radiation why wasn't it picked up and how could it keep spreading. 


I know these are all questions doctors can only speculate at because no one really understands cancer. I just hate this feeling of helplessness knowing that all I can do for my dad is be there for him. I wish I could do more!


B xx


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Re: Through it all again...

Hi @BMC,


Thank you for sharing your experiences and we're also glad you have joined!


Just bumping this up for you, how is your Dad and importantly, yourself, doing?

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