My wife and mother of 2 has started treatment

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My wife and mother of 2 has started treatment

Hi All, 
I am new here. My wife has Brest Cancer. Then we found out it was HER2, which is an aggressive form. Instantly she started chemo. I am frustrated because I can't do anything for her. Trying to adjust during her treatment.  She is having a hard time with the medication, but it's only been 10 days since her first treatment.  Just really nervous and in the dark. 

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Re: My wife and mother of 2 has started treatment

Hello CoachD, I’m so very sorry about your wife’s diagnosis. When I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma my husband was my wonderful helper, my encourager. He looked after me completely and even though he couldn’t help with the pain or the treatment he did every thing else. You can just stand by your beautiful wife and help her through this difficult time. 🙏🥰 Linda G

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Re: My wife and mother of 2 has started treatment

Hi, I am new here also. So sorry to hear about your wife. My husband was diognosed with an aggressive stage 3 bladder cancer in October last year. He had surgery in December and has just started his chemotherapy 2 weeks ago. I also struggled to know what to do. I have a nursing background so flipped straight into nurse mode, asking the doctors questions my husband didnt want to know. My husband eventually said to me... " I need my wife.. I dont need a nurse". It was the best advice he could have given me. I also reached out to the cancer councils counsellors who were very, very good. Its taken a while but I am now just being me, doing practical things like cooking dinner when he asks ( he is the cook in the family).. Ive taken over all house hold chores and just listening when he wants to talk. I dont offer advice unless he asks for it. Ask your wife what she needs from you, stay connected to friends and family for support for you. Make sure you have time out to do things you enjoy ( I run). Dont be hesitant to reach out. Grill the doctors for information, they arent the best communicators ! I hope your journey goes well for you and your wife. 

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