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New to Cancer Connections

Just logging in for the first time and wanted to say Hi! This is my first time "blogging" also - so I am not sure what I am supposed to do. My mum has just been diagnosed with her 6th cancer!!! I just don't know if this one will be the last. She stays so positive for all of us but I just don't know how she keeps going. This time the doctors seem to think she has secondary Endometrial Cancer? They are just not sure and cannot find a primary source. I wonder if anyone else out there has had an experience with this cancer and if you have any helpful information. Mum has had 2 seperate lots of Breast Cancer, Cancer of the Uterus, 2 melanomas and now this. What more can a person go through? I have a huge family history of cancer and the BRCA1 gene (Breast Cancer) is in the family - I have been lucky enough to miss the gene but some of my cousins have it. I just wanted to touch base with people who have had a large family history and who need to talk just as much as I do. Thanks for listening (reading) and hope to chat soon.
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Sometimes it seems that some people have more than their share of illness .How is your mum coping? I have no personal experience with any of the cancers mentioned .I just wanted to say that here is a good place for support .
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