No counselling or support offered to friend...

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No counselling or support offered to friend...

Hello It's been 11 months since my dear friend Amy (aged 32, single Mum of an 8 year old daughter. had a Sarcoma diagnosed and has had treatment at both Prince of Wales and Campbelltown hospitals. Two months ago her heart she was faint and they determined her heart had weakened and they'd found spots on her lungs. The oncologist said she should consider sorting out her affairs for her daughter as she may have 6-12 months of good health. One month ago, 2 hours into a 5 day course at Prince of Wales her breathing was affected so they stopped the chemo. They found blood clots in her lungs, they gave her injections for the five days and sent her home on blood thinners. The Oncologist told her cancer was now in her lungs and It's likely 3-6mths. I asked her what counselling she's been having. "I'm waiting on a referral" was her reply. I rang the hospital, they said she has to ask and ring for one. I told her to ring and ask for Oncologists secretary or her Nurse Care Coordinator if she has one. She said she will but she'll wait until aftervthe 17th of July as she's ticking off the 2nd item on her bucket list. An overnight stay at Dubbo Zoo with Sophia her daughter. Her Mum and Dad will stay too. We raised $1800.00 and her Dubbo Zoo are giving her the whole visit for free. I donate to different charities, including several cancer ones. I thought our gorgeous souls were receiving some form of support from the health system or charities. Amy at 32 has had to talk her daughtervthrough this last 11 months with not one ounce of professional support for herself or her daughter, let alone the family that will take over her daughters care. Who can I send her story to so she gets help now and other young parents, especially single ones get support much earlier? Thanks for yourvtime and consideration and any advice.  Amy lives in Raby, NSW.


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Re: No counselling or support offered to friend...

Hi Anne Maree, thank you for talking to me today.

I have removed your contact information from this post,  just to avoid scams or unsolicited communication. I hope this is ok with you.


Kind regards


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Re: No counselling or support offered to friend...

Hi Annemaree, what a beautiful friend you are to Amy💕. I feel broken hearted for her and the terrible diagnosis she has been given. Just keep fighting for your friend till the end😢. Praying for you all 💕🙏 Linda G

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