Terminal lucidity?

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Terminal lucidity?

Hi all, my dad has been living with stage 4 bowel cancer for 7 years, treatments stopped in 2021. He is still with us, not very mobile due to previous medical issues, had blood clots in both lungs, eating a little and drinking. This week he woke up breatheless and unable to stand, confused and sleepy, he was convinced he was to die the following day, we were all preparing for the worst. It is the next day and he has gotten out of bed, alert, eating, drinking and talking. Is this a "rally"? he has only been at deaths door for one day, I'm not sure what to think anymore. If anyone has had any experience I would greatly appreciate some insight.

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Re: Terminal lucidity?

Hi @Surfnturf 

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.


Every person and every illness is different.

It sounds like your Dad has been fighting very hard indeed.

We could tell you one things based on our experience and the reality for your Dad might be better or worse.


I'd suggest that calling the cancer council information and support line (phone 13 11 20) for some advise or even your Dad's doctor.



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