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Please Choose Happy


My Dad has been treated for cancer for 10 years now, he has and always will be an inspiration to me. He is grateful and appreciative of life.

My mum has just had her right breast removed so I have driven 3 states to be with her to support her. Very happy to help her but I am struggling with my Mum's manner, her demanding ways and blanton rudeness.

After reading some stories, it seems to be a common ground. Loved ones lashing out on the ones closest.

Every morning I wake up looking to be grateful and appreciate of the small things eg hanging out the washing in the fresh air or sun, taking a deep breath.

I get it, cancer is pretty shitty and I don't for one moment pretend I know what they are going through but I have this belief or logical thinking that we all need to visit our positive side, especially now (with all going on in the world). We are all very powerful individually and together.

I meditate, I visualise the white light surrounding my family and myself so I am asking for help here please. Please acknowledge the bad stuff but don't remain there too long, it is very destructive and sole destroying. Please see and breath in some good stuff, whatever that means for you. I need positive energy today so I can get through my day. Please join me. I cannot live in the negative. Live is too short for that.

One of my family members, back home, has a heart condition. I am still grieving the loss of my beagle and my Mum doesn't like anything I do. I am so homesick. 

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Re: Please Choose Happy

Yikes @Belladonna50 

Sorry to hear about the loss of your beagle. 😢  After losing our whippet earlier this year we have recently acquired a whippet pup and his mum as having a dog is important to my husband (he mentioned them in his advance care directive) and we felt their availability was brought about by Divine intervention as available pups were not readily available at the time we were looking.


I am certainly trying to focus on the positive and am grateful that my husband whilst he has down moments has not lashed out at me.  I try to remember that anger is usually a mask for other feelings and I do try and acknowledge the emotions that both hubby & I are having and this does seem to help.


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How long do you plan to stay with your Mum?  


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