Podcast: How to Help Someone with Cancer

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Podcast: How to Help Someone with Cancer

Kim HobbsKim HobbsThe fourth episode in our new podcast series covers how it can be hard to know when to offer help to someone affected by cancer. If someone has just been diagnosed or has been living with cancer, whilst you may want to be supportive, it can often be hard to find the right words to say or the right time to assist without intruding upon them.


Julie McCrossin talks with Kim Hobbs, a social worker, about ways to offer meaningful support to someone after a cancer diagnosis.


You can listen to this episode and read more about it at Episode 4: How to Help Someone with Cancer.


Discover more of the podcasts in this series: The Thing About Cancer.

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Re: Podcast: How to Help Someone with Cancer

Thank you so much for sharing the spisode here. I completely missed it. 🙂

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