'Road Fatigue'

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'Road Fatigue'

We have just passed the 7th anniversary of my husband's diagnosis of stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma.  He went into remission after three months of chemotherapy, and thankfully has been in remission ever since.  However, this cancer is designated 'incurable', so remission is the best we can hope for.  For some reason this morning I'm really feeling what that means:  we can NEVER say "it's over, he's safe".  There will ALWAYS be that lingering background concern of "what if it comes back?".  Obviously with each passing year his chances of relapsing decrease, but it's an exhausting situation to be in.  I know it's a marathon, not a sprint, but it's a marathon that will last the rest of his life.  This morning I'm tired from travelling this road.  It's so good to know I can vent this here and people will understand!  Best wishes to all fellow marathoners.

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Re: 'Road Fatigue'

Enjoy every day and what it has to offer with your loved ones.
Smile be happy and appreciate the little things that contribute to the day.
Yes it is a marathon and there will be days that aren't as good as others, on those days I try to find just one positive and centre on that.
Keep well Cheers steve
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Re: 'Road Fatigue'

Thanks Steven.

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Re: 'Road Fatigue'


It’s understandable about these feelings and weariness you feel ,after so much uncertainty about your  husbands diagnosis and possible relapse .I experienced similar thoughts,doubts and what ifs ,but I was fortunate my prognosis changed and  as time went by I seemed to be able to push those thoughts away and focus on living in the now and what I can control,unless someone is living or has lived with that pressure and concern it’s very hard to comprehend,I sometimes see your compassionate replies to other posts always thinking of others best wishes on a hard road.


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Re: 'Road Fatigue'

Your post resonated so strongly with me, and I understand what you mean about being so exhausted.  This is 100% how I am feeling regarding the diagnosis and treatment of my daughter's brain tumour.  It will  just never be "over".  I'm so glad that your husband's remission continues!  I 'm sorry I cannot offer you any helpful words, other than the fact that I know what it feels like to be standing in your shoes.  All good wishes  to you and your loved ones.

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Re: 'Road Fatigue'

Thanks Genevieve.  I reckon the word 'gruelling' was created for such circumstances!  I think there aren't any words that can help, but we can all stand and be exhausted together, and that's some comfort at least.  Hope your day is going well. 

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