Sister's Lymphoma has progressed

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Sister's Lymphoma has progressed

My eldest Sister was diagnosed with Stage 3 NH lymphoma earlier this year. She's had chemo and scans showed what was there was going away. However; we've been told today that it has progressed and is now in her bone Marrow. They're doing a lumbar puncture in the morning to see if it's in the fluid around her spine / brain.

I'm also almost 13 weeks pregnant so while I'm thinking of my Sister and can't imagine what's going through her mind, this is just a lot. It's also the 3rd anniversary of our Mothers passing on Saturday so it's very quickly become a really shitty week.

I just wish there was more I could do for my Sister. I put happy, bright balloons in her room and pinned cards to the board as you're not allowed flowers. Have also been buying her any food or drink she's felt like and trash mage to read. I can't sleep tonight and have just had a big cry. 

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Re: Sister's Lymphoma has progressed

Hi @kareh84 and welcome,


I hope the weekend wasn't too stressful for you Heart


I love that you have been putting up balloons and cards for your sister, so very lovely!! How did her lumbar puncture go?


I am going to send you an email as well with something else that I think would be of great benefit for you.


Do take care of yourself Heart

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